Frequently Asked Question

How soon does SEO begin to provide results?2023-01-21T04:04:11+00:00

The time it takes to see benefits from search engine optimisation mainly relies on the amount of work required and how robust your company is. We always look for immediate gains for our customers, but if your website is now well, you should plan on waiting three to six months to see any worthwhile benefits from your work.

What is B2C lead generation?2023-01-21T04:04:43+00:00

The process of producing sales and leads from the customer base, the consumers of the goods and services you provide and are utilising them for personal purposes, is known as business-to-consumer (B2C) lead generation. In comparison, business-to-business (B2B) sales have a target audience: organisations or users making purchases for business purposes.

What methods do we employ to produce leads?2023-01-21T04:04:57+00:00

For both ourselves and our clients, we specialise in generating leads via proven digital marketing strategies. We can regularly direct relevant traffic that yields high-quality leads through various techniques, such as increasing organic traffic from Google and developing interesting content for social media.

What information can you get about website visitors?2023-01-21T04:05:11+00:00

Although Google does not permit collecting individually identifying information, Google Analytics may provide valuable information about your online audience. A plethora of general visitor data will be available to you.

Can you guarantee that Google will rank my site at the top?2023-01-21T04:05:26+00:00

Sadly, no one can verify that their website will rank on Google’s first page or even in the first spot, so you should be careful of anyone making such a claim. Although Google frequently modifies how it evaluates and ranks its results, achieving a page-one position on Google may occasionally be a shifting goal. You should strive for a measurably higher volume of targeted traffic that brings customers to your site who are constantly searching for your goods or services. We put a lot of effort into this since it will generate leads and perhaps even revenues.

Does it make financial sense to promote on social media sites?2023-01-21T04:05:37+00:00

Spending money on social media advertising might be advantageous with a well-thought-out approach. You may choose a location, an age range, and a variety of spoken languages to reach your target audience with adverts. Your ability to choose who sees your goods will eventually increase website visitors and conversion rates.

Will I have the ability to alter the content on my website?2023-01-21T04:05:54+00:00

Almost everything, yes. Every website that MKR Techsoft Ltd. develops includes a CMS. This implies that you can make as many changes to the page content as you wish, including pricing, special offers, and other items. Your website bundle includes comprehensive training on how to utilise the straightforward CMS.