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Who We Are?

Mr Manmohan Kumar, the founder of MKR Techsoft Ltd, had a clear vision of creating brands and giving identity to potential businesses when he started his journey in 2011. He established MK Techsoft, which quickly gained popularity and saw an increase in demand for its services. As the business grew, so did the number of clients. In 2017, Mr Kumar founded MKR Techsoft Pvt Ltd, which allowed the company to expand its services and reach a wider audience.

After five years of hard work, the company’s growth reached 300%, with 60 employees and over 500 clients. Mr Kumar understood that digital marketing is essential for new businesses to thrive in the growing digital world. He decided to take the company to the next level and founded MKR Techsoft Ltd, a new branch office in the United Kingdom, in 2022. His ambition was to give brands an effective online presence, and he succeeded in doing so with the establishment of MKR Techsoft Ltd.

Mr Kumar continues to lead the company with his unwavering vision and passion for helping businesses succeed in the digital world by providing complete transparency and hassle-free services to all clients. His leadership style is built on the principles of trust, integrity and a strong sense of responsibility. So, that’s why MKR Techsoft Ltd ensures that each and every client is treated with the utmost respect and given the personalized attention they deserve.


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Why Choose MKR Techsoft Ltd?

Elevate Your Business – Create a powerful digital presence for your business and experience complete exposure with our data-driven strategies.

Streamlined Solutions – Automate mundane and tedious tasks with advanced technologies to ensure our clients never fall behind.

Strong Client Relationships – Maintain long-term relationships with clients and offer unmatched service and assistance.

Entrust us with your website’s advertising, analysis, and optimisation needs.


We aim to convert more potential businesses into brands through data-driven digital marketing solutions. Our digital marketing team goes over and beyond to ensure that our online marketing initiatives promote long-term success.


Our vision is to work as a powerful extension of your marketing team and build a long-term, goal-oriented relationship. Let us help you “Grow Your Business Value” with unmatched quality solutions, clear deliverables of excellence, and quantifiable performance benchmarks.

Client Testimonials

MKR Techsoft has always been spot on with all our contracts and manages to be extremely honest, punctual and detail oriented. Communication is a great plus and we’ve never had an issue on this topic either! We will be using MKR Techsoft for many years to come! Thank you Ruby for your great work!

Haig Artan, Managing Director HDA Insurance Brokerage

Manmohan has impressed us by understanding our needs and our culture. I was amazed with the organic results offered by him. The best thing is you will get the response immediately about your queries or if you want any changes in your tasks. Since we have got the effective results we do seem to be getting a lot more interest.

Michael R. Johnson, President Get Found First

Talented and professional Davinder is the best freelancer I have worked with on the site. Amazingly quick and accurate. No wasted time. Direct and to the point. Completes jobs as it is his own website. Thank You again for all the quality work You have done since We started working few years ago.

Amin Peiravani, Founder/Owner Pazyrykrug

Increase Online Visibility & Drive Conversions

With our years of experience across various industries and technologies, we can give you a unique insight into how your business should approach digital marketing!

At MKR Techsoft Ltd, we use our experience to create results-driven solutions that ensure success. So, contact us today to learn which service is most suited to help you grow your business digitally.

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