Project Overview:

About the Business

“PS Furniture manufactures and distributes commercial-grade portable, stackable, and storable furniture for multi-purpose space. Our products include folding tables, mobile tables, folding chairs, banquet seating, portable dance floor, lecterns, carts, and other portable furniture.”

This Company has a furniture Business that provides the furniture of Home, Offices, Churches as well as for different kind of events in the USA country.

The client has reached out MKR Techsoft Private Limited’s Expert on July 2021 to work for their Business to improve their Traffic, Sales, and to improve the Brand visibility in front of the Google and Other Search Engine and rankings.

With Website Development and Maintenance, SEO, SMO and PPC Management, MKR Techsoft has helped the company get the improvement from the 27,674 to set a high 55,675 total traffic, More than 21 top 10 keyword rankings upto Feb 2023.

The Highlight’s:

  • Total Traffic: The website total traffic has increased from 27674- 55,971.

  • Total Organic Traffic: The website organic traffic has increased from 13,549- 27,050.

  • Total Social Traffic: The website Social traffic has increased from 953-963.

  • Total USA Traffic: USA traffic has increased from 22,197-46,947.

  • Top Organic Keywords: The website top organic keywords have increased from 0-442.

  • Total Backlinks: The website top organic keywords have increased from 0-1.2M.

  • Website health Score: The website has 95+ Health Score in different Populer SEO tools like: Ahref.

  • Website Spam Score: The spam score of the website has improved from 68% to 1%.

Keywords Ranking progress After work:

Traffic progress via Google Analytics:

Before Work:

After Work:

Website performance progress via Google Search Console:

Before Work:

There is small number of impressions, Clicks and Average CTR on the website Before 15 Oct 2021.

After Work:

Website performance progress via SEMrush Tool:

Progress After Work:

Website performance progress via Google Ads:

Before Work:

After Work:

Executing the Strategy:

The Challenge:

The main challenge of the website is to compete with its competitors because they are ranked top of the Google SERPs and also have a very high traffic. We had needed to start everything initially and have to improve the brand visibility in front of the users and Search Engines.

When we started working on the website, the first requirement of the client is to rank the organic keywords on the top position of Google SERPs.

The other challenges are

  • Get a large number of traffic to compete with the website Competitor.
  • Get the Keywords to rank at the top of the Search Engine to increase Organic traffic.

Now the biggest challenge is to maintain the progress of the ranking and progress in the High Competition.

The Solution:

The initial stages of the work were focused on the client’s website SEO strategy. To get the improvement and to achieve the goals, our SEO team performed a thorough:

  • ON Page SEO

  • Technical SEO

  • Off  Page SEO

  • SMO

  • PPC Management

MKR SEO experts evaluated and analyzed the Competitor’s website to determine opportunities for on-page and off-page optimization and establish a clear course of action.

After that we had proceed for the further steps:

Search Engine Optimization:

Our SEO team began with the Search Engine Optimization for the website. This process involved:

  • Phase 1: On Page SEO:

To optimize the client’s website Performance, our SEO team focused on Website Development and makes it SEO optimized. MKR SEO services worked on:

  • Website Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keywords Research and Analysis
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Images optimization
  • Header tags Optimization
  • Canonicalization
  • Find & Fix Crawl Errors
  • Phase 2: Technical SEO:

To optimize the client’s website technical issues, MKR SEO services worked on:

  • Broken Links & Duplicate Content/Pages Checking
  • Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Installation
  • Robots File and Sitemap Creation and Submission
  • URL Optimization
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Website compatibility for all devices
  • Setup 301 Redirects
  • Phase 3: OFF Page SEO:

To optimize the client’s website and to improve the website Organic traffic, our SEO team focused on building it’s OFF page SEO strategy, and building quality backlinks. MKR SEO services worked on:

  • Niche based high quality link building
  • Content Marketing
  • Phase 4: Social Media Optimization

To increase the website traffic and to improve the brand awareness, Our SMO team focused on the Social platforms. MKR SEO services worked on:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Gab
  • Instagram
  • Imgur
  • Flickr
  • it
  • Twitter
  • Mobypicture
  • Phase 5: PPC Management

After Sometime, the client extended its partnership with MKR and increased its budget to add more services centered on brand awareness and acquiring a better return on investment (ROI).

This strategy has the aim to for general business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2C) awareness. MKR SEO services worked on:

  • Google Ads

We are continues work with the partner with this furniture project to provide better recommendations and assist them to improve its local visibility and gain higher ROI.

Now our biggest focus for the ongoing strategy are targeting new products along with the old products, managing the client’s budget by providing them the better ROI.

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